Where the smartest AEC clients find the best AEC professionals.

Using Qualifications-Based Selection ensures that you hire the best AEC firm for your project based on the expertise and experience of the firm, not their artificially low bid.

What is QBS Space?

We provide AEC clients an easy to use, online, central QBS system to help them select the best qualified architects, engineers and construction managers at fair and competitive prices.

By removing price from the bidding process, QBS selection means vendors can focus on demonstrating they are the most qualified firm to do a project and know they can be selected based on their expertise in their industry.

We Serve the AEC Industry


Architects develop the design concept for the construction of new buildings or the restoration or refurbishment of existing buildings. Architects must create designs that are functional as well as compliant with building laws and regulations. 


Civil engineers oversee construction and maintenance projects, such as large buildings, roads, bridges, dams and utility supply facilities. They conduct feasibility studies and site inspections, coordinate resources and oversee progress on projects.


Construction project managers coordinate the work of skilled contractors and subcontractors. They work with architects and engineers to develop plans, establish timetables and determine costs. They also hire subcontractors, ensure work is up to code, and distribute resources.

Hiring the most qualified
professionals makes sense

Benefits to Vendors

Vendors of AEC services will find they have reduced sales costs while using a collaborative approach to their client relationships. Vendors will have more opportunities for innovation and life cycle planning.

Benefits to Clients

The QBS Space system allows clients to easily identify the most qualified vendors using a collaborative approach. We help provide more accurate project estimates and fewer cost overruns.