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What is profile completeness?

Profile Completeness is a QBS Space feature that examines your AEC Vendor Profile for key pieces of information, such as company name, web site, contact person, etc.

It scores each profile based on the criteria, and displays a level of ‘completeness’ of information on your profile. It helps ensure that our AEC vendors have good profiles with required information/

How Do I Know My Level of Profile Completeness?

If you log into QBS Space and go to View Profile, it will display the percentage of completeness of your profile, as well as a progress bar. It will also list any missing key information that is used to assess if your profile is complete.

How Do I Complete My Profile?

The progress bar will contain a link ‘Complete your profile’ that takes you to the missing information in edit mode. You can easily update or add in the missing information.

Or you can go to Edit Profile and ensure all the fields are filled out on the Company Information tab.

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