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What is “request verification” and why should I use it?

How Do I Request Verification?

AEC Vendors and Clients can request to have their profile verified by the QBS Space site administrators. To request verification, simply click the ‘request verification ‘ link under your cover photo on your profile.

How Do I Cancel A Verification Request?

Once it has been requested, the link will now say “Your verification request is currently pending. Cancel request?” The cancel request link will automatically cancel the request.

This request will send a notification to the QBS Space site administrators who can then review your profile, information and choose to either reject or verify your profile.

Once a profile has been verified, a blue check mark badge will appear in your profile next to your company name.

Why Should I Verify My Profile?

A verified profile shows prospective AEC Clients that your account has undergone an extra level of review and fact checking by the QBS Space site admins.

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