Our Mission is Clear

Since 1972, QBS has been required by law in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of Canadian professionals think it’s about time Canada caught up.

Using QBS ensures that governments and organizations in Canada will hire the best-qualified firms at fair and competitive prices, instead of lesser qualified firms at artificially low prices. The benefits of QBS to buyers, vendors, and Canadian taxpayers are significant.

While low-bid processes are appropriate for commodity goods, they are inappropriate, ineffective, and far too costly for use when procuring professional services that are custom, complex and costly.

QBS Space is a cloud-hosted web application that allows procurement and AEC clients to hire the best-qualified architects, engineers and construction managers through a fair and competitive process.  We are focused exclusively on vendors relevant to the built environment sector. 

We help the AEC industry abandon the price-based RFP when hiring professional services that are custom, complex and costly.